Thursday, April 9, 2015

Downtown Napa WIne Tasting: Wines by Mark Herold

One week after arriving in Northern California, I celebrated my birthday and mothers day. Arriving in NorCal on short notice, I was staying with a friend I had worked with in Delaware, years ago, Mared. Her birthday and mine, 5 days apart, with Mother's day smack in the middle, we decided to spend the weekend in Napa. I had just started my job at Travis AFB, and my children were still in Texas, finishing out the school year, eating me out of house and home, 2000 miles away. So, I was determined t our ladies weekend be economical.

After researching last minute, the most economical way, we stayed in a no name, inexpensive hotel in Napa and went straight to downtown Napa where we hit up the visitors center.

There, we were offered a downtown Napa tasting pass, where, for $20, we could enjoy complimentary tastings or two for one tastings at several of Napa's downtown tasting rooms.

I wish I could remember all the wines we tried and what I liked, alas, one year later, only my favorites stand out. If only I had known then, that I would start documenting my wanderings...

We stopped at several tasting rooms and enjoyed the wine, of course, but our last stop was by far, the best of all. After being turned away from one room, because it was thirty minutes to closing time, we wandered into Wines by Mark Herold.
                                          Photo Credit

Located at 710 1st Street in Downtown Napa, this tasting room is eclectic and friendly and turned out to be a wonderful experience! Long after closing hours, they were still pouring and we were still enjoying and most importantly learning about wine! Everyone there was friendly and knowledgeable and willing to take some time to impart their knowledge of wine. On top of the wonderfully educational experience, the staff was funny and we laughed and laughed and had a very memorable experience.

Far from a wine snob, I very much enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of this tasting room. Frankly, everything about it was perfect. As someone who historically only enjoyed sweet white wines, this place was the turning point in my wine taste! I enjoyed this place so much that I went to yelp and reviewed them, while I was there, review after review, everyone had the same thing to say about this place, friendly, fun, funny and knowledgeable. The wine was amazing too! Flux, Acha, Collide, Dr Herrold, no matter your taste, you are sure to find something to enjoy in this eclectic little tasting room. Whether you grab a tasting card or not, this tasting room is a don't miss spot!